Summer Weather Advice for Truck Drivers

Summer Weather Advice for Truck Drivers
Summer Weather Advice for Truck Drivers

Each year you see winter weather tips and how to prepare for winter weather – but what about the summer? Summer is here, and with the temperatures rising, it is important to be safe during these hot months.

How to Stay Cool

You may think that the heat will not affect your health because you spend a lot of time in your cab. But, that is not completely true.

Apply Sunscreen

If you have fair skin, you will understand how important it is to keep sunscreen applied all day. “Trucker’s Arm” is a real thing – and while it may be funny, having constant exposure to the same spot can be unsafe. Before hitting the road, be sure you have plenty of sunscreen. If you do not want to always apply sunscreen, you can opt for a sun sleeve that protects your arm from the sun. You can also apply a window cover or visor to your window.

Drink Plenty of Water

If you have never started the gallon challenge, now is the time. You can keep a few large bottles in your truck to have plenty of water on the road. Along with water, it is important to have healthy snacks, and staying hydrated can help you be more focused and stay away.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

During the winter, we must watch for ice and snow storms – in the summer; we must watch for thunderstorms and extreme heat waves. Driving on wet roads can be just as dangerous as driving on icy roads. It is important to ensure your tires and brakes are checked and operating properly. Hot temperatures can fade out your brakes.

Pack Ice Packs

One way to stay cool is to use an ice pack. When you feel sluggish and hot, you can put some ice cubes in cloth and wrap them around your neck. This will help keep you cool even after the ice has melted. There are also special cooling towels that you can use. Using ice packs or cooling towels can help save on fuel – because you won’t have to run your AC as high if you stay cooler.

Summer weather can be hard on your body and your truck. When parking, try to find some shade. But remember, just because you are in the shade does not mean you are not protected from the harmful UV rays. Following the tips and tricks can help keep you safe from sunburns and dehydration.