Frequently Asked Questions About Greatwide Truckload Management

No Greatwide is 100% non-forced dispatch. This is your business, you pick how long you want to stay out on the road, you choose your own loads. YOU are in control.

Greatwide uses Pedigree ELD and it is supplied to the driver.

Greatwide hires in the lower 48 and Canada

Greatwide pays their drivers every Thursday as long as your bills are in by 5 pm on Tuesday they will go on that week settlement.

Greatwide does NOT require that the driver have any specific endorsements.

Yes, drivers have access to various insurance programs through Universal Trucking Benefits Association (UTBA).

Yes, there is a $2000 referral program for any driver you refer.

The weekly trailer rental fee covers standard wear and tear maintenance on your trailer, there is no out of pocket

At Greatwide the driver will make 75% of the gross revenue.

Tractors and trailers need to be 20 years old or newer to qualify with Greatwide

For dry van $190 a week, Flatbed $300 or $250 + 2% line haul, Single Dropdeck $325 or $275 + 2% line haul, Specialized available on a per request basis.