Owner-Operators Can Now Find Available Parking in the United States

Owner-Operators Can Now Find Available Parking in the United States
Owner-Operators Can Now Find Available Parking in the United States

It is no secret that owner-operators struggle to find parking in the United States. With strict rules and regulations for HOS, some owner-operators are finding themselves parking in unsafe areas. A new site was developed by Truckparkingclub.com to find owner-operators a safe place to park. Owner-operators can now pre-book parking in safe areas. While this is still new, more parking areas are popping up throughout the United States.

The Story Behind TruckParkingClub

TruckParkingClub was founded by Keith Cristal and Evan Shelly. Evan Shelly contacted Keith Cristal, who had several parking facilities along I-85 from Atlanta and North Carolina, with StoreMyTruck.com. Shelly realized the forever-rising issue with truck parking and decided something needed to be done about it. Together, Shelly and Cristal came together and formed TruckParkingClub. This site is a third-party site that is a go-between real estate owners with property available for truck parking.

TruckParkingClub went live in November 2022 and has focused on finding safe available parking properties for truck drivers. Shelly states, “The ultimate goal is creating a cohesive network of truck parking.” Shelly and Cristal are looking for more property to help drivers find a safe place to park and rest before their next stretch on the road. He adds, “Spaces as small as 75’ by 14’ can work for truck parking.”

How Does TruckParkingClub Work

When you visit TruckParkingClub.com, you will follow the following steps to park your truck or offer property for truck drivers.


  1. Create an account to list your property.
  2. Add your location.
  3. You will be contacted by email or text for each new booking.

Truck Drivers

  1. Create an account and book a space as a “Trucker”.
  2. Book your space at your desired location. If needed, you can book in advance, and locations offer both daily and monthly parking.

It is that easy!

Whether you are hauling freight or cars, TruckParkingClub.com can help you find your available space in select locations in the United States.