Benefits of Leasing on with Greatwide

Benefits of Leasing on with Greatwide
Benefits of Leasing on with Greatwide

When it comes to DOT inspections most companies like to focus on the negatives, but here at Greatwide, we would rather focus on the positives as evident by our Clean Roadside Payout Program.  For every clean inspection we will reward the driver as follows:

  • Clean Level 1 $300
  • Clean Level 2 $200
  • Clean Level 3 $100

And for a clean level 1 or 2 Hazmat inspection the rewards are doubled for example:

     Clean Level 1 hazmat inspections $300 for inspection x2 for hazmat total of $600 to the driver.

In addition to the inspection program, we also have a bonus program for referring drivers to Greatwide.  Once a driver is qualified, we will pay the driver that referred them a bonus of up to $2000.  The breakdown would be as follows:

  • Driver on for 6 months $500
  • Driver on for 1 year $500
  • Driver on for 2 years $1000

These are just 2 ways Greatwide looks out for their drivers.  We realize that the drivers are the backbone of any company and without them the company would not succeed.

Other owner-operator benefits and perks

  • Quick sign-on time – Most generally, a driver is up and running in 5-7 days.
  • No endorsements needed – You are not required to have special endorsements to lease on.
  • No travel for orientation – Orientation is virtual. This means you can do it anywhere!
  • Trailer Rental Fee – Competitive trailer fee rental. Lowest in the industry

Greatwide Owner Operator Discount Programs

PrePass Discount Program

As a Greatwide owner-operator, you have access to the leading weigh station bypass and electronic toll payment network in the country.

Fuel Discount Program

The fuel discount program has the potential to save Owner Operators
as much as $7,000 per year! Utilizing Fuelbook, Owner Operators can enter a specific GW code to view discounted fuel pricing.

National Tire Discount Program

Greatwide has negotiated discounts with major brands. Affordable weekly deductions are made directly from settlements.


Small company feel – when you want to be a part of a family and not a truck number – Greatwide is your home.