John Peterson

John Peterson

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What Our Clients Say

What Our Our Owner-Operators are Saying

“I have worked with different companies over the years, but Greatwide has been a standout from day one. From the onboarding process, to the daily hiccups that happen, someone has always been there to help. That means a lot to me. The latest struggle we've all had to deal with is the virus; with all of the complications it puts in front of us. Greatwide has supported me through both good and bad times on the road. I am very pleased and grateful for the opportunity to work with a company and people that will reward your hard work”

Ira Hay TN
Ira Hay – TN
What Our Our Owner-Operators are Saying

“I found my true home at Greatwide. It's been an amazing ride at Greatwide and I truly appreciate everyone within the Greatwide network for all they do to help us be successful. Thank you for the hard work and long hours to keep me moving over the years. You have always made yourselves available seven day a week, 24 hours a day, including holidays”

Loyd WatsonMA
Loyd Watson – MA
Robert Morookian – SC
What Our Our Owner-Operators are Saying

“My time and miles with Greatwide have been nothing less than amazing! I could not ask for a better partnership.”

Robert MorookianSC
Debbi Ellsworth – FL
What Our Our Owner-Operators are Saying

“I could not ask for a more supportive company”

Debbi EllsworthFL

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